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Why Barcelona?

Through a long journey Barcelona has turned into a masterpiece of art from an innovative architecture as Antoni Gaudi and the most influence, unforgettable genius artists like Pablo Picasso or Joan Miró. This is a golden chance and a necessary key for you to be as unique, as innovative, as talented as international as multi-cultural as Barcelona.

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Jewelry scene

Barcelona became an important city in the jewelry scene. Therefore, the jewelry designers and artistic jeweler from around the world chooses Barcelona as a perfect place in Europe to gain their experiences and to develop their creativity projects. Because Barcelona is a rich ecosystem for design and creativity

Barcelona Lifestyle

Barcelona has its own lifestyle that makes it unique around the world. Its Mediterranean character encourages visitors to go to its neighbourhoods and meet its people, to visit its beaches and natural spaces, as well as enjoy their leisure time with a vast range of cultural, culinary and shopping options to choose from.

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The Jewelry School:

The Jewelry School JORGC is the school of the College of Jewellers, Watchmakers , Goldsmiths and Gemmologists of Catalonia has 23 years of history. Located in the heart of Barcelona, their classrooms have seen more than 5,000 students, many of them now recognized as aprestigious professional.