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get inspiration in jewelry design

Get inspiration

Get the inspiration! How you can be inspired from Barcelona the city of purposefully inspiring, wacky and origination as a world design. It is a new way of demonstration of creativity through your jewelry piece and to experience like you’ll never imagine before.

What is inspiration?
How to find it?
Inspiration and your surrounding.
Transformation of your inspiration to your idea.

Creative jewelry thinking

Creative thinking

What you need to be consider for a good piece? What kind of lifestyle does the person have? You need to know about the principle for developing, design and creative thinking process is an importance key to find and starting to design a piece of jewelry.

Identify your style.
Market and consumer needs.
Understanding trends.
Creativity management.

jewelry making process

Making Process

This is a great creative space for awakening your spirit of old craftsmen. The workspaces located in the heart of Barcelona, which it provides such an optimum environment and facilities for you to work with precious metals and alternative material to produce your best jewelry piece.

Important of making skill.
Possibilities and abilities of making.
Alternative and variety of making technique.
Right making and perfect finishing.

Build your jewelry brand

Build your brand

Have you noticed? Why are some brands come on the scene and glow? How can you develop your own signature style? There is a plenty of a new direction to create such a successful brands to launch and to rise in your business.

Analyze the jewelry market.
To build a foundation as a brand, author or jewelry designer.
Appropriate branding.
Communication and Social Media strategies.

international jewelry school

Social Media · Marketing Online

You may not realize, how important is this lesson of online communication with business and your professional career? Figure it out through this program about your marketing online and sale strategy for success in business.

Building your online business strategy.
Right approaching to the right target.
Better communication on the social network.
Get a stronger sense for the future market.

jewelry school in europe

Create a global network

There is a necessary perspective of good business together with creativity. Likewise, in some successful creative people build a global network contact, which is very helpful for developing his or her own business relationship.

Good opportunity for your future career in a global scale.
Exchanging and sharing your knowledge.
Build your world wild network.
Connection with professional through the exhibition.

The Jewelry School:

The Jewelry School JORGC is the school of the College of Jewellers, Watchmakers , Goldsmiths and Gemmologists of Catalonia has 23 years of history. Located in the heart of Barcelona, their classrooms have seen more than 5,000 students, many of them now recognized as aprestigious professional.

Aftermath then succeed:

Much better presentation skill in your business.
An improved jewelry brand project developed with the expert and critique.
Best effective creation of idea for your next jewelry project.
New connection and excited experience with jewelry designers in Barcelona.
Qualification improvement from the coaching team.
Bring into line between your skill and mindset.

Language Requirements

InJewelry is an international workshop, for that reason a use of language will be in English. Your communication in English must meet the minimum Standard. Basically, your coaching team can speak in Spanish, Catalan, Italian, German and Thai.

Download your Program

Check it out!, your program of Injewelry Barcelona to challenge your creation. Here to download. Any further question you can call: +66 (0) 92 460 2099 or send us an email.